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House Hunting

Do’s & Don’ts of Going on Showings With Your Realtor

Do give your realtor enough notice to schedule your showings. 24 hrs is usually adequate. He/she has to make an appointment(s) with the listing office and homeowner for each home you want to see.

Do limit the number of homes to see in a day. Pick out the 3 or 4 of your top choices.

Don’t expect to see a long list of homes in one day. If possible, do a "drive-by" of your choices first. Some things may be evident on a drive-by that would eliminate that home. For instance, it may be on a busy street, be under power lines, have a dilapidated home next door, etc. Avoid the disappointment to yourself, the homeowner and your realtor of pulling up in front of the home and saying "oh forget this one".

Do be prompt for the appointment. Remember that your realtor has set an appointment with the homeowner(s). If you are late for the first appointment, you will be late for them all that day. This reflects poorly on you and the realtor. If you really need cancel your appointment, give at least 4 – 6 hours notice. Make sure you talk to someone and not leave a message on a voicemail somewhere.

Do bring a scratch pad and pen to take notes. Mark things you like and dislike about each home. You may even want to bring a camera with you. It will help you remember each home’s details more clearly.

Do stay with your realtor once inside a home. Do not split up and roam the house. This is not permitted by any seller and the showing agent is entrusted to enforce this rule.

Don’t bring children or relatives. Many reasons for this. Some are: it's very hard to follow the realtor from home to home in traffic. It's best for you to ride in the realtor's car, discussions regarding the previous showing are typical during this time. Your full attention will be needed to observe the home and discuss the home as you go through it. It is not appropriate to use a bathroom in a listed home, certainly not for a diaper change.

Don’t wear shoes with a lot of laces. Wear slip-on’ s if possible. You will be required to remove your shoes in most homes.

Following these simple, common sense tips will make your showings much more productive and enjoyable. Always check with your realtor if you have any questions regarding this protocol.